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Program - Sightseeing - France - Marseilles
Why You Should Visit Marseille

Why You Should Visit Marseille Marseille, as a vibrant and interesting city, it’s a place to experience the mix of African and French culture., and it is quite a lot of fun. Marseille is a city on the up. And just like many cities undergoing massive regeneration, many of its old, disused, and unloved spaces are being reclaimed. La Friche is an old tobacco factory next to the city’s station (St. Charles) that is now a cutting-edge cultural space. It’s massive and home to a skateboarding park, a playground, startup offices, a cool bookstore, and a wonderful terrace bar and restaurant. Read more ...

Program - Gourmet - France - Marseilles
Some of the Best Local Markets in Marseille

Some of the Best Local Markets in Marseille Marseille has some fantastic markets that sell everything from fish to clothes to African spices. Here are some of the best ones. The fish market is the most famous of Marseille’s markets. It began in 1909 in the old port and hasn’t moved since. It takes place every morning of the year, but get there early to be sure to find the fish you want. This is where the locals shop and it’s reflected in the cheaper prices. Place Jean Jaurès is known to the locals as la Plaine (literally “the plain”) because it’s the flat part in an otherwise hilly area. Read more ...

Program - Education - France - Marseilles
The Best Independent Bookstores in Marseille

The Best Independent Bookstores in Marseille Marseille is a very cultural city and has strong links to some of the worlds’ most renowned classics, with an interesting selection of bookshops. Maupetit bookshop is on one of the main streets in the center of Marseille, La Canebière. It has everything; the classics, children’s books, an English section, and a huge amount of reference books. The website is very comprehensive and they hold a lot of writing events as well. Le Lièvre de Mars is a little independent bookstore that specializes in graphic design, architecture, and urbanism. It also has literature from the 11th and 12th centuries and a children’s section. It takes its name from Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland because in French a “le lièvre de mars” is a March hare, one of the main characters. A great place to find something to read that’s a little bit different and arty. Read more ...

Program - Sightseeing - France - Marseilles
History of Marseille's Old Port

History of Marseille's Old Port Ever since the 6th century, there have been fishermen selling their catch in the Old Port of Marseille. Today it’s the city’s beating heart and a vital part of Marseille. In the year 600, Greek traders arrived in a little Mediterranean inlet which they thought would be an ideal place to set up a trading post. The Old Port, as it’s known today, existed as a vibrant fishing port until the 19th century. From the 1840s onwards, new docks were built towards the west along the coastline of La Joliette to accommodate bigger ships that needed deeper, purpose-built docks. The New Docks are where the cruise ships and big tankers still offload tourists and freight today. The Vieux Port became a marina; it’s where you’ll find the day boats for tourist excursions. Read more ...

Program - Leisure - France - Marseilles
Unique Experiences in Marseille

Unique Experiences in Marseille Marseille is a great place to have some unique experiences that you might not find anywhere else. There is a reason that painters have been coming to Provence for centuries; there is a very different light that you find here, that you don’t find anywhere else. When the sun rises and when it goes to bed, you’ll notice what Cézanne, Van Gogh, and all the other great residents of the region noticed The Blue Hour. It can be magical, particularly with a glass of wine in your hand and a sea view. Read more ...

Program - Seasons - France - Marseilles
Christmas Traditions in Marseille and Provence

Christmas Traditions in Marseille and Provence Provence and Marseille keep some wonderful Christmas traditions alive, whether founded in Christian beliefs or simply heralding regional identity. The tradition of santons, small clay figurines developed by Marseillais, started in 1803 when a fair was dedicated to them for the first time in Marseille. The Virgin and Saint Joseph, the donkey and the ox, the shepherd and his sheep, the fishmonger: these Christian figures represent rural crafts in Provence, alongside characters like the Boufareu angel who guides the population towards the stable. The expertise of the ‘santonniers’ of Aubagne and elsewhere is on display at Christmas markets everywhere – though Marseille remains the capital of this age-old tradition. Read more ...

Program - Seasons - France - Marseilles
The Most Beautiful Parks in Marseille

The Most Beautiful Parks in Marseille The city of Marseille has exquisite parks and gardens, ideal for a day out with the family or stunning city views. Located inside the larger Parc Borély, Jardin Botanique E.M Heckel, the beautiful botanical garden is named after its director, Édouard Marie Heckel. After adding additional land in 1913, the park is now complete with nearly 4,000 unique species of plant life. Some of these include palm trees, vines, medicinal plants, and foliage from China, Japan, and South Africa. Read more ...

Program - Seasons - France - Marseilles
The Best Beaches in and around Marseille

The Best Beaches in and around Marseille Striking a perfect balance between the natural wonder and great features along with modern conveniences, gear up to have a fun day out at some of these best beaches near Marseille. Located roughly two miles south of the city center, Plages Escale Borely is one of the best beaches near Marseille Port. It is one of the most popular beaches along this part of the coast for people who enjoy sailing and windsurfing. Along this stretch, you will find a wide variety of bars, cafés, and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious food and cocktails. You can also do some shopping in the boutiques and souvenir shops nearby apart from relaxing and enjoying under the sun, indulging in water sports, and more while in Marseille. Read more ...

Program - Arts - France - Marseilles
A Brutalist Architecture Tour of Marseille

A Brutalist Architecture Tour of Marseille Brutalism is the name for a certain style of architecture pioneered by the French architect Le Corbusier. He created many buildings in this style, but perhaps the most famous is in Marseille. The building has a number of names (officially, l’Unité d'Habitation de Marseille) but the idea was simple: to create an entire city within one space. Construction began in 1947 and was completed in 1952. It was built very close to the sea and still has completely unobstructed views across the bay and the city itself. Read more ...

Program - Sports - France - Marseilles
A Brief History of Velodrome Stadium

A Brief History of Velodrome Stadium The stadium Velodrome, named Orange Velodrome since 2016, has great importance in the sport's history of the city of Marseille. Orange Velodrome, better known as Stade Velodrome, was built to serve as a playing venue for the 1938 World Cup. Soon after it became the new home of Olympique de Marseille after Stade de l’Huveaune had become too small for the club. Stade Velodrome officially opened on 13 June 1937 with a friendly match between Marseille and the Italian side Torino. During the 1938 World Cup, the stadium hosted one first-round match and the semi-final between Italy and Brazil (2-1). Read more ...